Your house is a bank account.

Why not use it to pay off your mortgage and have money for what you want?

Jill Hamilton – your REVERSE MORTGAGE specialist – makes it easy!

Reverse Mortgage.

A loan that ends your mortgage and PAYS YOU to live in your home without having to sell it!

Reverse Mortgage in the Palm Springs Area



My name is Jill Hamilton and I would like to help you get a Reverse Mortgage.

I have 9 years of success helping my clients use the equity in their homes to reduce financial stress …and I can do the same for you!

Here are the proven benefits I offer:

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Here’s a quick summary about Reverse Mortgages:

A Reverse Mortgage is a home loan on the primary residence of anyone 62 and up. But instead of paying a mortgage, you receive cash from the lender while you live in your home. It also has a number of payout options. Since the loan is based on home equity, it generally has no credit requirements.

The requirements for a Reverse Mortgage are:

Borrower Qualification. The primary borrower must be at least 62. Spouses or Legal partners under 62 also may be on the loan. The borrower may have to meet certain financial eligibility criteria. Trusts and Wills can also be used to put your home into a Reverse Mortgage.

Property Eligibility. Most properties like Single-family homes, Condos, Townhouses, Manufactured homes built after June 1976, and two to four-unit owner-occupied dwellings are eligible. Properties on some Indian leased lands may not qualify.

Sufficient Equity. The homeowner must own a paid-off property or have established equity to qualify. We will let you know if you have enough equity.

Counseling Review. The U.S. government requires a phone or in-person review that provides a borrower with all the information needed to make a decision about getting a Reverse Mortgage.

Note: Foreclosures. If you are facing Foreclosure, you might be able to keep your home with a Reverse Mortgage. Let me help you

There may be two up-front costs one is $125 – $175 for the U.S. government-required Counseling review. It takes about one to one-and-a-half hours. The other is an appraisal cost. All other loan-related costs can be included in the Reverse Mortgage.

The payout is based on the equity in your home. When we discuss your specific circumstances, I will be able to let you know how much and what types of payments you can receive (lump sum, a line of credit, or periodic).

Some Reverse Mortgages have restrictions on how the funds must be used to pay off the existing mortgage. The funds must be used to pay off the existing mortgage.

After you get a Reverse Mortgage, you are still required to pay normal property-related expenses like taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance & upkeep, and HOA fees.

The maximum claim amount (Home Value) for FHA-Insured Reverse Mortgage (HECM loans) is $970,800. If your property is worth more, you can get a Jumbo Reverse with loan amounts up to $4,000,000.

These loans last until none of the borrowers lives in the property or unless the loan requirements are not complied with. At that time, the borrower(s) or their heirs can repay the loan, or the property can be sold to repay the lender.

The borrower gets any money/equity in the property that remains after the loan balance and other related costs are repaid.

If the value of the property is less than the loan balance, the borrower does not pay more than the value of the property.

Call Me for Your Financial Peace of Mind!

Jill Hamilton

No Obligation Consultation


Call Me for Your Financial Peace of Mind!

Jill Hamilton

No Obligation Consultation


Call Me for Your Financial Peace of Mind!

Jill Hamilton

No Obligation Consultation


Call Me for Your Financial Peace of Mind!

Jill Hamilton

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